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About Kate Clinch

Kate moved to Australia from England when she was six, and subsequently married an American. This sense of bridging two worlds is reflected in her first novels. And, of course, having family on three continents has created opportunities for a lot of travel. Kate has been to Arizona, the setting of The Dream Weaver's Apprentice, three times, the most recent visit being dedicated to researching the novel. That quality research no doubt contributed to being long listed for the Richell Prize.

The sequel to the Dream Weaver's Apprentice is set partly in Kate's home town of Adelaide, South Australia, allowing her love of the local bush to feature in her story-telling.

Kate's third manuscript is historical fiction, exploring the life and relevance of the amazing woman who is likely to become Australia's second saint, Eileen O'Connor.

Kate's writing draws on other aspects of her life experience, as a former medical doctor, a home schooling mother and a survivor of Multiple Sclerosis.

Now with three completed manuscripts, Kate is taking a break from writing to pursue the long and complicated process that results in a published book, so watch this space!

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