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The Books

It's a long road from completed manuscript to published book, but we already know that I have a few books in me! My latest manuscript is historical fiction, bringing to life the story of Eileen O'Connor, who is likely to become Australia's second Saint. There are also two books in the as yet unpublished Dream Weaver's Series, the first of which was long listed for the 2020 Richell Prize for emerging writers, meaning it ranked in the top 22 of over 800 submissions. Watch this space!

Three Foot Ten and Every Inch a Saint: a Novel about saint-in-waiting Eileen O'Connor

How could a woman who died at the age of twenty-eight, was crippled by childhood tuberculosis, broke her back at the age of three, was paralyzed and only grew to three foot ten, establish an Order of nurses and, on the eve of the centenary of her death, be considered as potentially Australia’s next saint? And what is the relevance of a saint in today's chaotic world?

Against the backdrop of World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic, Eileen set up her private domiciliary nursing organization, the Brown Nurses, which still exists today. Her devoted service to the sick and destitute despite her own physical suffering, and her serene disposition, earned her the reputation for being a saint in her lifetime.

After her death, her dream that her nurses should be an Order of nuns was realized, becoming Our Lady's Nurses for the Poor. Eileen's incorrupted body was reburied in the chapel at her former home, and she has recently been recognized as a servant of God, a step on the road to beatification.

This historical fiction novel brings Eileen to life through the lens of a fictional childhood friend, and brings Eileen firmly into the Twenty-first century, as two cousins uncover their family history. They also discover Eileen's core messages about courage in the face of adversity, in the process, transforming their own lives.


Eileen commissioned this portrait as a gift for her nurses, shortly before her death. It was painted by Norman Carter in 1920, and still hangs in her Home.

The Dream Weaver's Apprentice

Long listed for the 2020 Richell Prize!


When fate brings a beguiling child through her front gate, an elderly widow seizes the opportunity to pass on her hard-won wisdom, determined that her traditional skills and values should outlive her. Her hopes are later shattered, when Angela announces that she is leaving their hometown in pursuit of her own dreams.


In her despair, Yaya follows the threads of her own life story, back to her earliest memories in northern Arizona in the years of the Dustbowl and the Great Depression. What does her life mean if her story does not live on after her?

Yaya is a dream weaver: she has learned how to take the traditional values of her Navajo mother, and the courageous vision of her Boston father, and create a unique tapestry in the fabric of her own life.


And what becomes of Angela? Will she find that freedom is what she imagined it to be? Could she be the dream weaver's apprentice?

The Dream Weaver's Son: Dreams That Shattered Time
The story continues...
The Dream Weaver's Son_edited.jpg
Beautiful original art work by Marie Klement
When I was looking for visuals to help inspire me while writing The Dream Weaver's Son, my very talented friend Marie came to the rescue.
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