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Long listed for the Richell Prize

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Today I received the exciting news that my first novel, The Dreamweaver's Apprentice, was long listed for the Richell Prize, a competition for emerging writers. I feel very humbled and delighted that judges enjoyed what I wrote.

Last year I bought a wind chime in honour of the main character, because as part of the process of building in the carport to create my new office, I knew we'd be building a new pergola. What I didn't realize was that modern pergolas can be built with nice wide spans, and don't need all the cross timbers they used to, so there wasn't a good spot to hang it from. Eventually, at the end of last week, I decided to hang it from the clothes line, and it's been quite windy today, so it has been chiming away happily, I am sure, much to Yaya's approval.

To complete the effect, I resurrected an old tub as a water feature, and went to the garden centre to buy a water iris. The variety is Lost for Words, chosen for its colours, (apricot-pink with maroon markings) which perfectly describes how I felt when I read my emails this morning.

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