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The Peacock Connection

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

So why do I have a peacock as a symbol of the Dream Weaver Series? That is a reasonable question, especially as peacocks don't feature in the first two novels. On a recent research trip to England, I stayed in the small town of Stansted for a few days. While there, I saw that the very talented Marie Klement was selling the art work that appears on my books page. The woman pouring stars that turn into a peacock was perfect to represent the Dream Weaver, and the young man looked like my hero in book two. I also liked the picture. So I was tempted to buy it, but thought I'd just take a quick walk to buy some lunch and think it over.

Well, as it happened, on the way to the shop, I had to stop traffic to help a peacock safely cross the road. Having never seen a peacock cross a road before, naturally, I decided the picture was mine.

Interestingly, peacocks symbolize patience, protection and good luck, all handy commodities to an author, especially with pitching opportunities starting next week! Thanks to the wonderful Fiona McIntosh #fionamcmasterclass. But peacocks are also symbols of resurrection and alchemy, like the Phoenix, reminding us that more than surviving our darkest hours, we can be transformed and reborn from them. Which really is a metaphor for the journeys of the hero and heroines of my stories.

So when I saw a piece of ruby in fuchsite, it echoed the colours and pattern of a peacock's tail and later I found the perfect cushion for my office.

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