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The writer's desk

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

There's something irresistible in looking at someone else's desk, isn't there? A snapshot of their activity, their mind, a moment frozen in time. A few months ago I saw a blog post where the blogger had persuaded authors to send in photos of their desks. Interesting, but probably staged images, reflecting more about how the creator thinks their desk should look, rather than how it does in an unguarded moment. There were spartan, starkly organized desks, desks piled with research texts, a desk with a floral china cup and plate laden with tiny bite-sized snacks...But this week I have had an unusual item on my desk. A tiny bantam chick, abandoned by her mother, who now lives in a cardboard box in the house, until she is big enough to fend for herself. Here she is entertaining me while I begin thinking about the cover design for the book I will be publishing next year; a historical fiction about the life of Eileen O'Connor, our next saint, and the relevance of miracles in modern life.

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