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Writing Update

Back in 2018, I made the decision to invest in my writing career. I attended a week-long Masterclass run by the incredibly successful author, Fiona McIntosh.

In the following eighteen months, I honed my writing skills, and completed two novels, currently vacationing in my ‘bottom drawer’. Still enthusiastic, I attended Fiona’s first National Conference in 2019, and gained valuable insights into the publishing industry.

I wrote another two novels, one about Eileen O’Connor, the woman who may well be named Australia’s second Saint. My fourth novel is about Death (not at all what you’re imagining; you’ll have to wait to find out more!).

This week, I attended Fiona’s second Nat Con, an epic three-day event rich in information and everything an author needs to know. I learned from major publishers, screen writers and producers. There was plenty of time to catch up with old friends and build new connections in a vibrant community of 120 fellow authors. I was able to pitch my latest two manuscripts and investigate self-publishing options.

It was a wonderful conference, and I returned home with new knowledge and ideas and a stack of books by fabulous Aussie authors to add to my TBR pile.

I love writing, and as I continuously practise my skills and invest in my education, I’m moving closer to my goal of getting a memorable book out into the big wide world. That’s a slow process, but I’ll keep you posted.

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